Schedule of Services and Fees as at 1 January 2015

Initial Diagnostic Assessment $150

At your first meeting and assessment we will discuss your child and discuss their needs and areas of concern. We will also develop an education plan that the tutor and your child will work through. The cost of this assessment is credited as your child's first regular session, should you sign your child up for weekly sessions.

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Regular Sessions $110 per session

Tutoring is provided in one-on-one 50 minute sessions. The sessions run during ACT school terms only, but can start at any time during the term. Discounts are given for a single child attending twice weekly sessions and when more than one child from the same household. A report on your child's progress is provided at the end of each term and will highlight the areas of improvement and those that still require development.

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NumberShark® & WordShark® Homework Programs (one-off purchase fee)

$200 per term for assessment, programming and support (per program)

These programs are motivating computer programs that use games to teach and reinforce numeracy and literacy. They can be used either in conjunction with regular sessions or on their own.

The licensed programs are personalised to the child's skill level and should be monitored by our teachers to ensure that the program remains suitable for the child as they progress. If the programs are used on their own, it is recommended that the child attend 2-3 sessions per term ($110 per session/program) with our teachers to evaluate their progress and provide additional support. These sessions would generally occur in weeks 3, 6 and 9.


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School Holiday Programs

These programs are aimed at literacy and numeracy. An individual tailored program to continue and reinforce the program being administered at TALC during the school term.

Services Holiday Program Brochure

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Dyslexia Diagnostic Testing $200

The Apps Learning Centre (TALC) provides a dyslexia diagnostic test which provides an accurate indicator which can be a cost effective pre-cursor to major testing.

The Dyslexia Screening Test from Pearson is aimed at primary and secondary school-aged children. Children are tested according to their age group, and include extra subtests which are particularly relevant to the age group.

The diagnostic tests provide a profile of strengths and weaknesses which can be used to guide the development of in-school support for the child. These tests are designed for early identification of children who are at risk of reading failure so that they can be given extra support at school.

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Cancellation Fee $30

If your child cannot attend their session, please advise the centre as soon as possible. If possible, you will be offered a make-up session, however if less than 24 hours notice is given, you may be charged an additional fee of up to $30.

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Payment Options

Fees can only be paid by direct debit using EziDebit. Payments are taken from your bank account or credit card weekly from week one. The Payment plan is reactivated each term for a calendar year before a new authorisation form is required. Fees do apply and further information can be requested by emailing the Office Manager.